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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 30, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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able to find, i want to put the daytime video to demonstrate it better next to me but you can see the red light back there, this intersection dips down underneath this overpass, this had maybe 20 feet of water in it and yesterday you could have swum out there and climbed on top of a red light. it was unbelievable. i have never seen a picture like that. is this water received, we didn't know this car was here, it has gone down eight feet since yesterday as the rain has stopped, so we see a drying out in some areas which is good but this car was completely submerged as the water level was gone down. he has gone to corpus christi with a message of support for people in texas which was well-received. let's listen to the sound bite. >> we love you, you are special, it is going well and i want to thank you for coming out, we are getting you back and operating
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immediately. >> the president waving the flag as well. a number of rescues, 13,000 rescues of people trapped in their homes, an incredible scene, thousands and thousands of people in shelters, we spoke to one man who took video if we could show it real quick, show the helicopter rescue happening to his neighbor, his neighbor being pulled from the roof of his house, that guy told us he had to swim out of his own home, had 5 feet of water on the first floor of his house and that was in katy, texas where we were yesterday seeing more remarkable rescues so the scene continues, the river swelled, overflowing now, reservoirs all slowing, that is the next part of the story is the rest of texas begins the process of drying out from all this 50 inches of rain, 50 plus inches of rain.
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>> the story is more and more remarkable, thanks so much. >> the death toll from harvey stands at least 18 including a houston officer who drowned while heading to help in the rescue efforts. sergeant steve perez took a wrong turn on his way to work and that is when he became trapped in high water at an underpass, houston police chief fighting back tears as he tried to explain what happened next. >> it was too treacherous to go on. we were recovering last night, could not put more officers at risk. i'm heartened by two things, number one, got to learn the family has faith in god and when you have faith there is hope. he told him not to go.
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we have work to do. >> completely heart wrenching yesterday to listen to him, the department weing this photo with the caption our hearts are heavy but we will get through this, houston strong, president served on the force for 34 years, he leaves behind a wife and two children. >> as the rains are letting up in the houston area, flooding will be a problem for some time. >> authorities issuing an overnight curfew in houston to deal with potential looters, griff jenkins live with more on that. >> it is quiet for another hour, the mayor is supposed to return bringing a curfew in 10:00 pm to 5:00, it is midnight to 5:00 to allow these volunteers more time to do what they have got to do but don't be mistaken, the quiet is not for the fact the homes
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behind me are simply underwater. on the northwest side of the reservoir, the rain has stopped but the flooding continues because the rivers to the north of the reservoirs are swelling in the fool, water is going to continue to come down into this reservoir for days and not weeks, continues to cause a flooding situation. the army corps of engineers putting out a projected flood map in these areas. we tried to push our way in, 13,000 rescues, a lot more today to get into the staging area where they are launching on the northeast side, the officer that helps us to navigate our way and said he went over 5:00 last night having left a dry house yesterday to 5 feet of water, he slept at the office. harris county flood control telling us a little bit about what we can expect.
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take a listen. >> it is very bad. at the current elevation we are estimating 2500 homes are flooded and in barker roughly 670 homes. >> despite the curfew the coast card and pd continued missions overnight because of favorable conditions but volunteers will be out here to see what happens today. heather: be careful out there. >> the latest on what to expect today let's go to janice dean. heather: when is it going to dry out? >> for houston, port arthur and receives, emergency in terms of the weather, we are breaking records, 51 inches in the bar you, harvey beat the texas
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tropical system of all time, 53 inches very possible. it will be the biggest rainfall in our nation's history in terms of tropical systems. the tropical system itself, harvey is making a third landfall at the border of louisiana around cameron and it will continue to move northeastward, speeding up as we get into friday but for houston the drying out starts. extreme southeastern texas, louisiana, potential for more heavy rain, 6 to 12 inches upwards of 15 to 18 isolated areas but as we get into thursday and friday we get the cold front, the trough that will lift the storm northeastward. historic event in terms of the weather. heather: it will take a long time to clean up from this. as we mentioned yesterday the president did make a trip to houston, made a stop and people
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calling him the builder in chief and praised him for his visit to texas. here is some of that. >> great that the president came in, gave a positive, constructive, straight talk message, that is what we want to hear. >> he is the commander in chief, he is a builder. that is his background, what better person to have in the background right now then a builder in chief who can help us rebuild and understand what the needs are. he is leading, doing wonderful things, not political, comes from the heart. heather: the that was state representative todd hunter and congressman roger williams. he is also the comforter in chief at this point. rob: we don't need politics, divisiveness, we need to come together as a nation to support the people in houston.
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nevertheless, while millions of americans clearly are suffering on your tv screens from this catastrophic flooding the only thing some people on the left seem to care about, melania's shoes. her high heels. let's read the headlines. vanity fair rights stilettos to a hurricane, melania trump. first lady melania trump, stilettos as she leaves the white house for flood ravaged texas. >> melania where stilettos to tour houston flood zone, no joke. it wasn't true. she wore her heels getting on board to travel to houston and when she got off she had tennis shoes, had completely changed. if anyone lives in new york city, these big cities you where your heels, carry your shoes, more comfortable shoes in your bag, obviously she was going to change and ridiculous this is what they had to talk about on twitter. rob: in the middle of a national
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emergency -- an interesting take on this, let's hear what laura ingram had to say. >> how desperate the left is, sign of how absolutely unhinged they are and i love how they are always for individual expression, expression your sexuality, expression in your views on abortion, your expression on a bunch of things but you can't express your self in the way you dress. you know trump is doing a good job coordinating when the best they have is melania's shoes. heather: hillary clinton did tweet out that an attack on one woman is an attack on all women. rob: especially in these circumstances. we need to be together as a nation, not focusing on footwear. heather: the a furniture store putting down the welcome mat for our heroes in houston, gallery furniture transformed into a
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storm shelter where national guard troops could catch a few hours of sleep on brand-new mattresses while they conduct round-the-clock rescue patrols. the owner also providing shelter for for 400 people displaced. rob: 10 minutes after the hour, democrats finally willing to call antifa a gang. heather: donald trump laying out the roadmap of his tax reform, how this could put money back in your pocket. rob: you don't want to miss this peptalk from george w. bush to football players from the houston area. >> people from houston going through it. days are dark but get better.
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heather: time to call antifa the game. the mayor of berkeley, california slamming the protesters this weekend's rally. he also called on uc berkeley to prevent more violence by canceling a free-speech rally. jackie about years has the mounting tensions. >> reporter: the anarchists dressed in black on the left and right, house minority leader nancy pelosi is condemning the group. 13 violent protesters were arrested after creating chaos and a peaceful rally sunday. we are getting our first look at the people behind the mask. they face various charges including assault with a deadly weapon. one journalist who covered antifa for months says it is hard to figure out what they want. >> it tends to be a fractured group of people who share enough ideology they are willing to get violent to do it. as soon as they get violent to push ideas they discredit themselves. i don't think there is a unified
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cause behind them. heather: they could be more violence on the horizon, college republicans at uc berkeley plan to host a free-speech month next one, violent protests broke out in february over planned speech by a conservative speaker, calling on the university to cancel the event. >> if there was a far left speaker coming to berkeley who we knew would draw extremists groups i would express the same concern. nothing to do with the content of the speech. heather: they have no plans to silence free-speech week, milo will return to campus for the event. rob: donald trump promising the federal government will do everything it can to help the state bounce back. >> working on helping the state of texas a costly proposition. >> experts predicting damage in the tens of billions of dollars and joining us to assess the cost, chair of the program, at
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kings college in new york city, brian brent berg, rain still falling in some parts of texas, very early to make these predictions but what do we think it will be at this point? >> it could easily be beyond, $30 billion to $50 billion, could be beyond that, hard to tell what damage you will have. we have got to watch the cleanup and the cleanup will take a while but i expect the effectiveness to linger through september, gas prices remain high through september and other prices for chemical products, anything -- you will see those prices hiked for a while. rob: that will affect all americans. some economists are coming out and saying houston, because of the vibrancy of the area, the people and growth it has seen in the last 20 or so years could jump back even stronger in and
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not just in a metaphysical perspective but actual nuts and bolts economic perspective. >> good news story of houston is a strong economy, people have been pouring in, capital has been pouring in so once they get the cleanup going you will see the trends continue and it will be good over the intermediate and long-term. it will be the short-term pain that is most difficult but you will see a bounce back, faster than louisiana or new orleans after katrina. rob: those people need something right now. donald trump is headed to springfield, missouri. i will be joining him, not exactly but flying out to springfield in a little bit to talk about taxes and republicans in congress and the white house need a win. will taxes be there when? >> they needed badly. it will be there when but it will not look the way we talked about nine months ago when we were getting started. it will be a smaller cut focused
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more on the middle class than business or high income earners. they want to get something through they can sell in 2018 when they go back to voters and say republicans can govern, here's what we got done. rob: do we think corporate is going to be 15%? or more around 22%? >> 25% for sure. you won't get 15 because congressmen don't want to be seen giving businesses big tax cuts, they want to do something that could be stimulative but don't want to go overboard and have that brand. he will get 25% more than 15%. >> what about individuals, people in america who desperately have been asking for tax cuts for so long? >> that is the centerpiece, everyone wants to say we got a middle-class tax cut done. it will be smaller and we were talking about but focused on middle income earners and that is a good overall, not what we were hoping for but it will have some stimulative effect and that
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is good for america. rob: we are talking simplification, fewer deductions, a lot more focus in those deductions. >> that is the tricky part because everyone benefits, mortgage deduction or state income tax deduction, that is where it will get going. my guess is they will not push those hard. they will let those drop together middle-class tax cut done so expect it to be small, not revenue neutral. it might expire after ten years but that is the price you pay when you are against the wall. heather: the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. nfl star jj watt giving back to the city that helped make him a star. wait until you hear how much he has raised for the texans who lost everything. pastor joel osteen slamming critics who claim he close his doors, here's what he has to say
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rob: a foxbusiness alert america's largest oil refinery shutdown in texas. heather: here to what that means for you. >> the oil refinery which is the largest crude oil refinery in the united states, shutting down last night due to flooding from harvey. the refinery is responsible for 600,000 barrels per day. early last night the refinery was only operating at a 30% capacity. with the shutdown of the refinery, 20% of us refining
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capacity is down because of harvey. heather: 9100 flight cancellations because of harvey and houston airport remains closed. >> we could see them going into tomorrow. the busy airport shut down because of flooding and we will see those are back up and running. >> you love to hear stories of people helping. one of those businesses that is helping by providing boats. >> they are providing 80 boats to support rescue and relief in the wake of hurricane harvey. to the government agencies and rescue organizations, also donating $40,000 in supplies. the truckloads of supplies will support the american red cross and a convoy in springfield,
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missouri. heather: great to see a lot of celebrities raising money for all the victims in houston. >> really wonderful. how much money can jj watt raise? he started his online fundraiser on the website you sunday night with the goal of $200,000, he quickly reached that and raised it to $500,$000 and $1 million, it keeps going up, he has raised $5 million, has been posting updates on social media pages. >> we will come out of this stronger than ever to help people rebuild. >> big names helped, chris paul of the houston rockets donated $50,000, houston native amy adams donated $1 million.
2:26 am
heather: rob: the kardashians donated tens of millions of dollars, you love to see that. heather: the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour, the college professor who said texas deserve to be slammed by hurricane, we told you about that yesterday, because they voted for donald trump is learning a lesson in karma himself. rob: a woman in labor in the middle of hurricane harvey, the unbelievable moment neighbors formed a human chain. [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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beginning with griffin jenkins in houston. >> reporter: in 30 minutes they will be lifting the curfew. volunteers will be returning to their wonderful rescue work along with the coast guard, continuing rescue overnight because of favorable conditions. we are on the northwest side of the reservoir, which spilled over, going to continue to flood this area for days if not weeks. they were saying yesterday folks in these neighborhoods should expect letting for the next four five weeks until possibly october. a very difficult thing because the rivers flow from the north and will create a problem here. it is not only the flooding now. as we saw with the volunteers, the rest comes out in people but so does the worst, looters, 14 armed robbers arrested, hitting
2:31 am
homes, stiffing the penalties saying now when you burglarize a home the penalty is two to 20 years, now it is 5 to life with mandatory jail time. last night the chief saying this. >> we had armed robbers robbing our community, victimizing them again. harvey wasn't enough and they are doing this. >> reporter: law enforcement doing both rescue missions and law enforcement work taking care of these bad apples. a very busy day in houston. heather: as if they don't have to deal with enough, can't believe people are doing that. rob: in these situations you see the best and the worst in humanity. what folks down there have to face today, any relief in sight?
2:32 am
heather: they should be dealing with high water level until october. >> this is the buffalo bayou at record levels, 70 feet, it is going to remain at major flood stage for the next week. that is incredible and absolutely these will not come down for weeks if not months back to their normal levels. wettest us tropical systems, 51 inches, that record goes to 1950 in hawaii. this will beat it. harvey still a tropical storm making landfall, third official landfall across the border of texas, louisiana. we will finally see, and we will deal with epic flooding, not only said texas but louisiana and mississippi river, and kentucky but houston out of the woods for the next several days.
2:33 am
places like theytown and port arthur getting hit with more rainfall. heather: donald trump offering encouragement to flood ravaged texans as the biggest rainstorm in american history. rob: in sugarland, texas with the latest. >> clear skies today, we can see the stars, sunshine, an incredible sight to see, it boosted the spirit a lot of people in texas, one of the most are matter pictures we have found, hard to see at night, and intersection down there dipped down here and you can see how deep it is. let's put up daytime pictures to show how bad it was yesterday, pumping this out right now so it is receding fast as they pump this out. you could have swung through the red light and jumped off the top of the overpass into the water.
2:34 am
20 feet deep, incredible to see that much water, we have never seen anything like it. the president came to texas, he was in corpus christi, he came with a message of support, waived the texas flag which the people loved. >> we love you, you are special, we are here to take care, it is going well and i want to thank you for coming out, we will get you back and operating immediately. >> the numbers are incredible, 50 inches of rain in southeast texas, we have had 13,000 rescues using helicopters, boats, fishing boats, a whole community trying to pull itself out of this mess and incredible to see thousands of people in shelters, a little bit of sunshine today in southeast
2:35 am
texas. we talked to one gentleman yesterday in katy, texas whose neighborhood completely flooded out and he took great video of his neighbors being rescued from rooftops by a helicopter. he talks about how he had to get out, listen to him. >> they didn't have one. we have a ladder. >> you had to swim out. >> pretty much. >> he had water up to his chest, imagine having water up to your chest, having to swim out your front door. incredible stories we are hearing, so much water in these places and a lot of the devastation remains to be seen as this water subsides. a lot will be revealed. heather: the gentleman holding his dog trying to save himself and their pets at the same time.
2:36 am
also breaking, north korea will send more missiles into the pacific, apparent threat to american territory of guam? the morning comes from them just days after the rogue nation shot a rocket over japan, a move nikki haley calls, quote, irresponsible. >> no country should have missiles flying over them like those 130 million people in japan. it is unacceptable. >> donald trump condemning the launch saying all options are on the table. heather: 7 rob: there will not be a release of emails in the hillary clinton information because of lack of interest. responding to a new york city attorney freedom of information requesting clinton's privacy outweighs the need for disclosure. investigated by the fbi for using a private email server to
2:37 am
handle classified information while serving as secretary of state. a brand-new twist in congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz's scandal, the wife of enron owning up, worked for the congresswoman fled to pakistan in march, she and her husband are accused of lying on credit and wiring $300,000 to pakistan. heather: a story of hope out of houston, neighbors formed a human chain to get a pregnant woman out over her flooded home to the hospital. andrea smith crawling from person-to-person in waist deep water before finally climbing into the back of a dump truck. the couple got to the hospital on time and hours later welcomed a baby girl. rob: we saw bad earlier, that is
2:38 am
the good. 37 after the hour, one of the most iconic movies in american history but now gone with the wind is being yanked from an annual screening because it is, quote, too racially insensitive. heather: million suffering catastrophic flooding but the only thing that matters to the left, the first lady's footwear. carly shimkus here with the outrage online. good morning. ♪ a brand-new message ♪ what he knows ♪ you ain't had time to learn ♪ these boots ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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>> 19 minutes before the hour donald trump and the first lady in texas assessing the damage from hurricane harvey. heather: while millions are suffering from catastrophic flooding the only thing the left could focus on was the first lady's choice of footwear. rob: carly shimkus with the
2:42 am
outrage online. >> reporter: who knew during a time of tragedy some people would be talking about shoes but that is what happened yesterday. the first lady accompanied the president during his trip to flood ravaged texas and she was filmed wearing this outfit, green jacket, black pants and black high-heeled shoes. the members of the media were quick to criticize this outfit because they said high-heeled shoes were inappropriate for a flood zone. look at these headlines. politico says melania stiletto sideshow, vanity fair right who wears the letter to hurricane? melania trump, slinks is what was melania thinking with her hurricane harvey stilettos? it continues, the new york post says another headline right there, melania wears her high heels to harvey hell zone and vogue says melania's hurricane stilettos in the white house's
2:43 am
continual failure to understand optics. this became a huge topic of conversation on social media as well. holly slammed the shoes saying how out of touch can you be? other people were really surprised by this criticism. drowning in all the anti-america liberal elites can talk about are the first lady's high heels. what none of the critics new was the first lady actually brought a change of shoes with her. when she walked off the plane she was wearing sneakers. the communications director responded a pretty fiery response, said that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in texas and people are worried about her shoes. >> we can worry about shoes during the oscars. >> she should auction off those heels and the money should go to
2:44 am
recovery. heather: why not? anything to get money to that area and the good news is a lot of people are sending their support so the heck with his shoe nonsense. >> some people were actually focused on the real issue, helping people in that flood zone and hashtag help for houston became a top trending topic across social media. here are the best, inspiring tweets. the mayor of boston marty walsh posted a photo donating clothes, houston, we in boston are here for you and promised to step up help however we can through the darkest hour and look at this tweet from chris, he sent a powerful picture with the caption a reminder of what real heroes look like and a young girl named sammy gave a shout out to her uncle saying he is among scores of people in houston helping out.
2:45 am
there are thousands and thousands of these tweets all over social media. amazing and inspiring to see our country always come together in a time of such tragedy. rob: one guy who wasn't on the united train. >> we talked about this guy, university of tampa professor sent out this tweet, i don't believe in instant karma but this feels like it for texas, what he was saying was people of texas deserved the flooding because the state voted for donald trump. the university of tampa has fired the professor. they announced the firing on facebook saying we condemn the comments and sentiment, story has been relieved of his duties. a lot of people on social media plotting that decision, instance karma for texas, no, instant karma for you. it is unfortunate he sent that kind of message but when you do something like that you got to
2:46 am
face the music. >> when you are professor teaching children, really. let's check in with brian kill lead to see what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> reporter: let's tell you what we have over the next week 3 hours, governor chris christie live on what texas needs, he knows after sandy, senator ted cruz on the ground in houston bringing us up to date as he joins us live, senator mike lee how to bring the gop together. david bossi inside the trump white house, how the president scored yesterday going down to corpus christi and austin. ari fleischer on communication in times like this. don't miss a minute of "fox and friends" and i urge you to get to us. you're just bloated from gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. take gas-x®, the #1 gas relief brand. it relieves pressure and bloating fast!
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>> joel osteen speaking out after he is accused of refusing to help flood victims, critics accusing him of lying about water inside his mega-church but are seen posting these photos of the flagman denying turning people away. >> staff told me there was this firestorm happening, we don't run our lives over what happens in twitter, they don't diminish can't open your building when it is close to flooding. we were blessed to not have flooding here but also very cautious before we put a bunch of people in here let's make sure it is safe. rob: hundred taking shelter in the church, he will join us in
2:51 am
the 8:00 hour. a public apology after a houston store sold a case of water for $42. the company says employees accidentally used single bottle prices, they typically don't sell water in bulk, focusing on helping, not hurting affected people. heather: it is one of the most iconic movies in cinema history. >> where shall i go? what shall i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. heather: gone with the wind has been pooled from its annual screening in tennessee over complaints that the film is racially insensitive. lawrence jones, host of the blaze, thank you for joining us this morning. let's talk about the film, it won eight academy awards including best actress, best picture, and the actress who played mamie, the first african american actress to win an
2:52 am
academy award. >> that fact is one reason to see the film as an african-american, black man myself, i didn't know this was the first film for a black actor or actress to get an academy award. and you would think this is a historical movie people would want to see because of that act. why would they change the way we look at black actors? they don't want to have a conversation. heather: opened the doors for many more actors to be recognized for their talent and effort, this followed the incident in charlotte. brent patterson, for all members of the community as an organization whose stated mission is to entertain, educate and enlighten the communities
2:53 am
that served, and a large segment of its local population. >> i have no problem with people not wanting to see the film. there are plenty of films i don't want to see. that is your right as an american but when you try to shut down the conversation by getting a film pooled for everyone that is where the problem is. this is an effort from the radical left to do this. we saw this with the hbo series the confederates. it hasn't even been shot yet, people want it to be pooled before it even goes into production. there is an effort from those on the left to shut down conversations. it is about control, not about civil right or anything just them getting their way. heather: is it a slippery slope when you begin censoring the
2:54 am
arts? >> what is next? there are a lot of artists they can talk about through comedy, so many different ways to entertain, you tackle these issues, when you try to censor them, you will affect the conversation. art and entertainment is a way to heal people as well as talk about serious issues through comedy and other forms of entertainment but when you shutdown the conversation, that is not helpful for america, the conversation is based on the reality of our history. i said this before, you can't learn from history if you try to deny that it happened. >> or delete it. a lot of these historical moments are reminders how far we came, how far we have come from.
2:55 am
and go see the films themselves, then make an opinion on it but right now i don't believe it is about film, not about -- it is about control and that is what the left is trying to do and this is a tool to garner more control. >> thanks for joining us this morning, we appreciate it as always, time is 5 minutes until the top of the hour, the little boy determined to help the victims of hurricane harvey, one cup of lemonade at a time. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new tais really quite simple.est it comes in the mail, you pull out the tube and you spit in it, which is something southern girls are taught you're not supposed to do. you seal it and send it back
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and then you wait for your results. it's that simple.
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heather: former president george w. bush giving a pep talk on the college gridiron. >> bush 43 football practice at southern methodist university speaking to players from the houston area. >> i know you are going through a really tough time. and just know that there will be a lot of people that are going to help you. the days are dark now but they're going to get better. todd: smu will give free tickets and food to the victims at the opener on sunday. >> one of the youngest americans lending a helping hand to harvey victims. heather: love this story. proud 5-year-old jet doing his part setting up a lemonade stand. >> sad. >> why are you sad? >> because there was a hurricane. >> are you looking to help those people down there?
3:00 am
>> yes. >> how cute was he? jet's mom was in the coast guard and said she couldn't be more proud. she says houston is their hometown before relocating to philly like they did. raised over 100 bucks. heather: grandparents are still there so he was worried. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> we start with a fox news alert. moments ago, harvey making landfall for a second time after dumping an historic amount of rain in texas. harvey just hit land again across the texas border in cammeron, louisiana. ainsley: the outer bands also pounding texas at this hour as well. a state as you know already under water. look at these images and still feeling harvey's wrath after days of catastrophic flooding. brian: epic monster storm prompting heroic rescues seeing them now by the thousands. and now sadly 18 deaths. todd: that number has gone up. the mandatory


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